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DoggieBag Meal Topper Chicken/Pork 10oz

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doggiebag meal topper, chicken/pork 10oz - $6.00

Meal toppers are a great way to spoil your doggo, but are also functional! Our DoggieBag chicken/pork meal topper has amazing upcycled and fully bio-available amino acids and healthy fats combined with superfood veggies and no carbs or fillers.

We've also added ginger to help with digestion and rosemary to add an aroma your baby will love. Sprinkle on top of any meal to take it to a new level or mix with water to make a gravy.

Meal Toppers are not complete & balanced and are intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

***Ingredients - Whole chicken, pork, *butternut squash, *carrot, *cucumber, *celery, *parsley, *ginger, *rosemary. *Organic
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