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Better Dog Food - Gently-cooked for Best Nutrition

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Dog Food Is Changing

The best nutrition includes healthy proteins, fats, vitamins/minerals, and fiber; it doesn’t include artificial ingredients, animal meal, grains, or legumes which are all linked to health issues.

We are rescuing clean, premium unused local restaurant kitchen foods – before they’re seasoned and plated – and upcycling them into nutritious dog food. There’s so much of this supply that we can ensure every single batch is the same with guaranteed safety.

Our proprietary process is powered with clean energy, produces zero waste, and is packaged in a fully-compostable bag. You and your dog can sleep well knowing they’re getting the perfect nutrition while also reducing their pawprint on the planet.

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DoggieBag Chicken & Pork 4lb


A complete & balanced meal made from clean, high-quality kitchen scraps and unused foods from local Austin restaurants

- No grains or legumes
- No animal meal or byproducts
- No artificial anything

Ingredients – Whole chicken, pork, *butternut squash, *cucumber, *celery, *parsley, whole foods vitamin/mineral blend. *Organic


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Dog Food Needs Help

Most dog food is still kibble made with animal meals & fillers, which are being linked to all kinds of health problems in dogs. The industry needs to shift to more nutritious foods and gently cooked is proving to be the best all around choice.

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

It’s important that your dog food be balanced and complete. For this we teamed up with Nutrition-certified Vets to make sure every meal has all the nutrition your dog needs for a happy and healthy life.

Important Nutrients In The Food

ᐧ Start with fresh ingredients from local restaurants


· Combine them in the perfect amount for your dog


· Add a small amount of any missing micronutrients from whole food sources


· ZERO added preservatives, grains, legumes, or inflammatory foods


· Gently cooked leads to higher bioavailability of some nutrients compared to raw


· Designed and sourced for carnivores like your dog


Ingredients – Whole chicken, pork, *butternut squash, *cucumber, *celery, *parsley, whole foods vitamin/mineral blend.  *Organic

Safety First, Second, & Third

The Conscious Pet founders have a background in human food companies with years of experience creating healthy, fresh foods meeting the highest standards of quality that exist.

We work closely with the restaurants to ensure safe handling of all product that is collected. We then apply these standards to our manufacturing process and test everything to ensure complete safety for your pet. 

Our proprietary process kills pathogens and creates a shelf-stable product (no refrigeration required) that’s as safe to serve as kibble.

Upcycled Food & Sustainability

The Doggo Dream Team

This new venture is a collaboration between®, a media company and podcast helping to make sustainability more fun and approachable, and Break it Down, the largest and most comprehensive composting service in Austin, Texas. These two successful Austin-based companies are led by experienced entrepreneurs with an equal passion for the environment and their furbabies. Thinking about two huge problems – most dog food isn’t great & restaurant food waste – this team got to work in their kitchen creating something that could help with both! And thus DoggieBag was born.


Frequently Asked Questions

We come from a human food production background and the strictest standards there are. We apply our knowledge in food safety to this process, working with restaurants for proper handling and most importantly testing our product and facility regularly for pathogens and harmful components.

We are working with kitchens who make large quantities of the same thing for their customers. Every batch is going to be the same ingredients in the same proportions!

We blend and dehydrate the ingredients through a precisely monitored low-heat process (140F-170F) that maintains nutrition of fats, increases bioavailability of amino acids, but kills pathogens; creating a nutritious, shelf-stable product that’s as safe to serve as kibble.

When any kitchen is preparing food, there are parts that don’t get used. Or ingredients that are only slightly used then discarded. We collect these parts before they’re combined with any spices or sauces, so there’s never any potential contaminants. We combine them in the proportions that are best for your dog’s health, their energy, and their poop!

Right here is the only place! We’re just getting off the ground and starting with the most direct way to get you the food – home delivery. We’re from Austin, are working with Austin restaurants, serving Austin residents. Local circular economy. If you’d like to find us in your favorite pet retailer, have them reach out to us!

Yes! Not all the ingredients needed for complete & balanced are available from our current restaurant partners so we add just enough of a whole food supplement to round out the nutrition. As we find other whole food ingredients that add the right nutrients from restaurants, we’ll swap those out.

Our food has no fillers, so it’s more dense than others, with more calories per day. (4,034 kcal/kg or 646cal/cup)

Small sized-dogs (0-29 lbs) = ¼ - 1 cup per day

Medium sized-dogs (30-50 lbs) = 1 - 1½ cups per day

Large sized-dogs (51-80 lbs) = 1½ - 2½ cups per day

Extra Large sized-dogs (81+ lbs) = 2½ + cups per day

When transitioning to DoggieBag, do so slowly over a period of about 7–10 days, mixing an increasing amount of DoggieBag with old food each day: 

Start with 75% old food mixed with 25% DoggieBag for days 1-3

Then mix 50% old with 50% DoggieBag for days 4-6.

25% old with 75% DoggieBag for days 7-9 and 100% DoggieBag on day 10. 

Some dogs need more transition than others. If your dog’s poop becomes too irregular or too soft, slow down the transition. It’s normal for a food change to cause some poop changes.

The nutrition in this food is complete & balanced but we don’t use the additives that other pet food companies use to make their poop color the same as humans. Based on the ingredients in DoggieBag you may notice a lightening of the stool during the transition and beyond. This is normal and as long as it’s solid and formed, as usual, there’s no need for concern.

In recent studies both grains and legumes have been tied to health problems in dogs. Our food contains only animal nutrition and fruits/veggies with some micro-nutrient supplementation. We never have any grains/legumes/artificial ingredients.

If you are unhappy with The Conscious Pet in any way we'd be happy to cancel your subscription and refund your latest order. No return necessary. Just email us at [email protected] within 14 days after your delivery. We'll issue a refund to the same form of payment to process the order for the last order that you received. We don't need to receive any product back, but if you are in Austin, Texas we would be happy to pick up the unused food and donate it to a local animal shelter.

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