The Benefits of Turmeric (and Curcumin) for Dogs

The Benefits of Turmeric (and Curcumin) for Dogs

The Benefits of Turmeric (and Curcumin) for Dogs

It's no surprise that turmeric is all the rage among holistic health advocates for its numerous benefits, but did you know your furry friends may also be able to reap those rewards? This powerful root has been used as a medicinal spice since ancient times in India and now modern medicine is starting to take note. The curcumin found within it can help with inflammation, digestion problems AND so much more! Invaluable insights from thousands of years ago could actually make our pets healthier today - who knew?!

What exactly is turmeric, btw? Have you ever used turmeric powder in your cooking? It's actually derived from a type of plant known as rhizome whose underground stems grow horizontally. You may have seen it before if you've been to the grocery store, where it looks similar to fresh ginger root. Many of us enjoy eating both the above-ground and below-ground parts of certain plants - like asparagus or this spicy cousin of ginger root. 

Among the potential benefits for dogs are:

#1 - Helps with low-grade, chronic inflammation

If you're a pet parent thinking that inflammation is only an issue for dogs with joint disease, think again! While acute inflammation helps fight off viruses and bacteria to start the healing process in your pup's body - chronic or low-grade inflammation can be quite dangerous. This silent killer is at the root of so many diseases like cancer, arthritis, allergies, and more. Don't let hidden inflammatory issues go unnoticed by addressing them head-on before they cause serious damage down the road.

#2 - Alleviates pain associated with arthritis and joint issues

Does your dog have arthritis symptoms like joint pain and stiffness? Turmeric could be the answer! According to a 2014 study in Thailand comparing curcumin (a compound found in turmeric) with ibuprofen, both relieved arthritis pains - but only the former was free from gastrointestinal side effects. So if you're looking for natural relief that's gentler on your dog's system, this bright yellow spice might just do it. Which brings us to the next benefit....

#3 - Turmeric may help with gastrointestinal disorders and 'sensitive stomachs'

Turmeric's renowned anti-inflammatory properties have been studied in a number of pet studies and trials, with promising results for treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Researchers at Hamamatsu South Hospital in Japan commented that curcumin could be an effective treatment due to its ability to inhibit major inflammatory mechanisms safely. It looks like this amazing medical powerhouse has the potential to make real impacts!

#4 Turmeric can supplement or replace steroids

For dogs, taking steroids for allergies and joint pain can have serious side effects. But according to recent studies, curcumin - a compound found in the spice turmeric – can be just as effective with much fewer adverse reactions. In one study published in Pharmacy and Pharmacology journal combining steroid use with curcumin even helped reduce some of these dangerous drugs' risks! So if you're looking for relief without unpleasant consequences, consider adding plenty of tasty turmeric into your pup's diet or supplementing with it!


Now, pets can develop an allergy to anything, but it's extremely rare to this compound and thus there are virtually zero reported problems with dogs ingesting turmeric & curcumin. In fact, there is massive building data and positive reviews from it's use. 

When introducing turmeric into your pet's diet, starting slow is the way to go! A small amount goes a long way - think 1/8 tsp for every 10 lb. of weight. And if you're concerned about health issues or medications then it would be best to consult with your vet first before giving them their daily dose of this spice-infused goodness.

We have scoured only the best turmeric to include in The Conscious Pet products. We source an organic, freshly dried powder and add it at the very last step of mixing our ingredients for maximum potency and bio-availability. Our Green-Lipped Mussel & Turmeric Meal Topper is the perfect way to add turmeric to your dog's diet. Just sprinkle it on top of any meal and watch your dog become more excited about their food than ever while feeling good about the added nutrition and flavor, and helping the planet to boot!


Chicken + Turmeric Meal topper with pumpkin, turmeric and chicken shown next to bowl of kibble